Eco Energy Pros Who We Are & What We Do

The team at Eco Energy Pros has been providing solar energy solutions for over 25 years.

The owner and founder Ron Manor started in 1980 when his company installed its first solar water heater. Now Ron is committed to providing clean energy solutions. He even installed solar on his own home. Take a look at what he pays for power.

Yep, we are showing you a scan of his Los Angeles DWP bill on this page. How would you like to get an electric bill like that?

With over 1,000 installations under our belt we know all the ins and outs when it comes to solar installation.

At Eco Energy Pros the solar consultants, design engineers, and installers are all experienced in photovoltaics. This allows them to understand the core of the project, the electrical objectives, as well as the customer’s concerns.

As a result, Eco Energy Pros can provide the most comprehensive, competitive, and innovative solutions to any solar project.

LA DWP bill with $0 electric cost